These Dreams

Had one of those sleeps where it starts off fantastic, I feel asleep quickly without the spirals that come and go at random times.

And then, at 3am, I woke up in pain from pushing myself in a workout, and an earache, and that throbbing feeling that comes with still having your wisdom teeth in place. I went down to use the bathroom and then spent the next four hours having terrible dreams. I hate the dreams where there’s nothing inherently scary in them – no monsters chasing me, nothing like that – but are just terrible situations. In this one, I was at the shop Eddie worked at. His boss had a copy of the file the detective that arrested Eddie had, and the boss gave it to me. He told me to take it, and do whatever with it, he didn’t need it.

And there I was, with this Pandora’s box of bullshit that I wanted nothing to do with, but at the same time I wanted to read every word and see how deep the rabbit hole went, and how hot the dumpster fire at the bottom burned.


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